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*Disclaimer :This game is a work in project. A bare bones demo of what is to come. Some of the music is not of my making and I own no copy right to the battle song, or the song that plays in Anderoot. It's only there until I make actual devoted song for it. 
Hope you all enjoy! 
Controls : 
Up: up arrow 
Down: down arrow
Left: left arrow 
Right:right arrow
Menu : Z
Select: X

*xbox 360 controller compatible 
Ever get the feeling sometimes that your dreams are more than just something your brain conjures up in your sleep? Well for Sable she never asks these questions because she is a straight away kind of gal. But maybe, she should take the time and think whether what she’s experiencing in her sleep is more than just a simple dream. Every night for the past month as far as she can recall, she’s been having the same dream; in the same watery area. At first it was small and simple. Just a boardwalk with a small coast in the area. Then after a while a bench appeared. Then a gated path way appeared. And then finally two people and a well appeared. What could this all mean? To her it’s just something she needs to get out of her way. Just another horrible night’s rest from something heavy she drank. But we all know it must mean something more. Well only one way to find out. We have to help Sable see this story through.

Dreighhart is a game all about choice. Whatever you choose or pick up will open or close a new area as with everything else in life. From the simplest of actions such as saying yes or no to someone. To something as heavy of a choice as what kind of sandwich you want to make. Seriously that kind of decision making is pretty heavy.

Side mechanics I’m planning to add on later in the available demo is the ability to choose your love interest in the game. A sort of relationship mechanic. It might be a while before it’s completely playable, but to all you match makers out there; it will be in there soon.

At the moment the game is a work in progress demo. I’ll update as much as I can every month. Some changes small, some very drastic. All very fun.


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