0.0.13 - Mobile update!

Good day everyone!!

I hope everyone has been having an amazing day so far. This will just be a quick update for the game and the progress to come.

The update 0.0.13 will be available for 2nd tier patreon donators on 12/09/17 around 12pm eastern time. And for 1st tier patreon donators on 12/15/17 around 12pm eastern time.

The 0.0.11 public update will be available for everyone on 12/06/17 4pm Eastern time.

Now time for all the future updates for the game. As of the moment right now, the tower dungeon is still a work in progress. Essentially it is a place you can go to from the white room so you can level up Sable. Also you can collect misc. Items and materials needed to craft the weapons you desire, or the gifts you would want to give the lass you're trying to serenade.

It helps you progress in the game, and it's a place you can grind in.

I'm still working on it, because I'm trying to make it as visually appealing as possible. I'm trying to make it something entertaining to go through so you the player won't think of it as some menial task to get through. I want to make every aspect of the game as enjoyable as possible.

Also, there will be a few more gals I'm planning on adding to the game, as a possible girl you can romance. I'm hoping to at the very least have 20 different ladies you can choose from to romance. Of course it will take time and money, but I'll be dedicating as much of my time to complete it.

Also one final update. I'm planning on adding this game to mobile devices and game consoles when the game is near completion. Though for the mobile demo, I'll add an update for it this coming year. You can take it anywhere. All those lovely ladies will be with you in your pocket!! I hope to have some updates on that feature ready later on this month. As for now, have a wonderful day and keep those Dreighnhart ladies happy.

Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/dreighnhart

Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/dreighnhart/274793

Itch.io: https://maplesappy.itch.io/dreighnhartwheredreamsfade

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