0.0.15 release today!!

Good day lovelies,

I know its been a while, but the new update is finally here! The 0.0.15 update is ready and roaring to go. Thankfully this time, this pack has been made with some help. Now that I have members on board to help me with the game, it will now be made at a faster pace. Which means more updates on here, along with better builds for the game. Also it will give me time to update the art for characters more, along with addition of more NSFW scenes finally !! The games art and story will still be handled by me, along with area design. While the members will help with music, coding expert, and grammar.

The new build being released has fixed camera bugs with the game, along with dialogue errors, and progression errors. So now the locked home is fixed, along with the errors some players found with the maze, and puzzle errors. And once you pass that the bridge is finally available for progression towards the area where the bog witch lives and the town of kinderoot.

This is the first step in the build and there will be hot fixes along the way for new addition of characters and NSFW scenes. But of course it will first be available to the patreon donators, and then made public in 3 weeks time. Again, thank you everyone for all of your help and support to this game. Hope you all will enjoy, and I’ll be back soon with more news for the game. Love you all!

Feel free to follow me on twitter for updates on the game from time to time, and sketches here and there.

Check out sablesays #nsfw (@dreignhartsays): https://twitter.com/dreignhartsays?s=09

And feel free to check out my Patreon, and become a member today for as low as $1.



DREIGHNHART_pub_0.0.15.zip 132 MB
Sep 18, 2018
Dreighnhart Unity 0.0.14 Windows.zip 231 MB
Jul 04, 2018
Dreighnhart 0.0.14 Smile Game Builder.zip 131 MB
Jul 04, 2018
Dreighnhart 0.0.14 Linux.zip 234 MB
Jul 04, 2018
Dreighnhart 0.0.14 Mac.app.zip 233 MB
Jul 04, 2018

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