Game update update 0.0.6 hotfix!!

Good day to everyone!!

Just a quick update for the game today. In this games build I added a few new areas and features. 

The list of things added in this build is:

*The wood witches upper floor and rooms to explore in her home. 

*The area past the check point guard. Check point bridge and the path to the beach and bog witch zone. 

*Bog witches area and path to her home. 

*Updated art for Sable's status and equip screen. 

*The ability to skip the games dream sequence opening. (I'll be adding more skip features soon if needed and possible) 

*Misc fixes to areas and zones and a fix to some of the games low FPS. (still fixing it to make it run a fluid 60fps to each area.) 

I'll keep updating the game as much as possible. It might take a little longer for the next fix. Until then I hope everyone will enjoy this build and I'll be sure to update you all on more for the game soon. 

Have a wonderful day!! 


Dreighnhart_pub 142 MB
Oct 18, 2017

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