Dreighnhart 0.0.7 hotfix update

Good day/evening everyone!!

I know this is quite a quick update from the last one, but I felt this one was needed because I had to re-touch a few things in the game to make it run better. Along with changing the games over lay and start menu and adding a new layout when walking around the world. I still did not update some of the dialogue and spelling errors found in the game, but I'll get to that as soon as possible. Along with the next update I'm planning on adding a new look to the shopping menu to make it more appealing to the eye. To give it a better look to the interface. Also I'll be giving an in depth update soon later this week as to how the games progress will be going, and all the other things I'm planning on updating to it in the near future. I hope you'll enjoy and I hope you'll have a wonderful day/evening.


DREIGHNHART 0.0.07 (october build) 144 MB
Oct 20, 2017

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