Dreighnhart update!!

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 Good day everyone!! 

This is a quick update for the game. I'll be releasing the update for Dreighnart 0.0.9 today!!

As for the $5 tier patreon supporters,  0.0.11 will be available to you.

And for the $10 tier patreaon supporters, 0.0.12 will be ready tomorrow. 

For 0.0.9 the update consists of:

*general bug fixes.

*general location fixes.

*Yana (the dragon girl), as a new girl you can romance.

*Dialogue fixes

As for 0.0.11 - 0.0.12

*Added features to skip the opening segments

*Further dating segments with Yana.

*Multiple fixes to the dialogue, and a lot of re work done to the starting segment of the game.

*Nudity for Sable.

*And much more!!

Thank you again everyone for your continued support for the game. I hope you all will enjoy it so far, and I'll be sure to keep you all posted on all future updates!!

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