The Demo is out!!

Demon Dragon Gal

Good evening my lovelies!!

With it being the turn of a new month, means another new release for the Dreighhart demo. In this demo there is a bit more changes in this version compaired to the last version. 
In the 0.0.3 demo there is:

**A relationship system being put in place**
**New areas to explore**
**A new battle system ost**
**Event graphic images**
**New gals**
**Over 1800 words**
**Around 1 hour and 30 mins of gameplay**
**New textures**
**Some changes to the story**
**NPC characters**

If you love the game thus far, please follow me on twitter or tumblr and please support my Patreon to help me add more to the game.




dreighhart vr 133 MB
Sep 09, 2017

Get Dreighnhart: Where dreams fade (nsfw)

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